Why Motech Solutions?

Are you looking for a professional IT support company that will offer quality service at an affordable rate? Well, your search is over.

Motech Solutions have almost 30 years experience supporting a wide array of hardware and software from small business running a few computers to larger more complex networks. We have the skills, experience, expertise and know how to support any network infrastructure and ensure it is running at optimal performance.

What We Support

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Microsoft Windows Operating System

Why Should You Make Us Your IT Experts?

At Motech Solutions we follow by the three Rs; reliable, relevant and reduced rates.

Reliable: Our reliability is measured by our fast problem solving abilities, our communicative skills and our responsible nature. We value our customers and we recognise that having a properly functioning computer system is important for your company to operate at its best.

Your IT needs are our priority and we are happy to work with your company’s IT department to formulate strategies that will help your company move towards a more fruitful future. Our help desk team takes on the responsibility of the resolution of all issues even if the problem is dependent on a third party provider.

Relevant: Our actions are always relevant to safeguarding the functionality of your company’s computer system. We ensure that we possess the required technology, knowledge and skills to illuminate system support failures.

We provide 24/7 consistent maintenance to all company servers to ensure optimal performance by utilising our monitoring and management software; this involves controlling and arranging Microsoft security services packs and updates to all servers.

We ensure that we are right for the job before signing any contractual agreements by conducting a thorough network/sever analysis. Our actions are always relevant to providing your company with the IT support it requires. Once we have established a working relationship, your assigned service manager will consult with you on a daily basis to ensure the smooth operation of your computer system.


Help Desk System

Reliable IT support via telephone and our help desk system

Most IT problems can be resolved quickly and easily over the telephone meaning that most times a site visit is not required. At Motech Solutions we use a remote support client allowing us to take control of your machine from our headquarters and solve any issues in the fastest time possible allowing you to get back to work.



Anti Virus, Malware and Firewall Protection for your End Devices and Network

At Motech Solutions we believe that security is paramount for a healthy network, we will make sure the proper security software is correctly installed and configured to protect you from the latest threats without slowing down your systems.


Date Backup & Recovery

Data backup and recovery solutions to prevent critical data loss

Data loss is catastrophic to any business in fact study’s show that 70% of businesses that experience a major data loss go out of business within one year and 94% of companies suffering from a severe data loss do not survive.

At Motech Solutions we offer various backup and recovery methods to ensure that this does not happen to your company keeping your data safely backed up.


Email Solutions

Cloud and in-house Microsoft e-mail solutions

Whether you have your emails hosted on the cloud or locally on your business server MotechSolutions can help with any issues or advise on how to get the most from your set up.Looking to upgrade or migrate your emails to a newer system or mail client? Then look no further, we will handle all aspects of the migration and upgrade without you having the worry of data loss.


Server Set up & Management

Complete Microsoft windows server setup and management

We will handle your server setup and configuration so you don’t need to worry about anything going wrong or prolonged system downtime. In addition our qualified server management team will ensure your server is regularly updated, maintained and kept secure while running at optimum efficiency.


Mobile & Tablet support

Complete Phone & Tablet Setup and Management

These days phones and tablets are becoming more and more integrated with our lives especially where business is concerned. Email and calendar sync, business calls, keeping notes for that important business meeting and keeping up to date with your clients we will make sure that your devices are updated, backed up and ready to go.

With our new mobile monitoring system we can track devices at all times protecting against theft and with our remote wipe system you don’t have to worry about anyone getting their hands on your sensitive data. We can even update and back up your devices from our office meaning you won’t even be disturbed.


Printer & Scanner Solutions

Troubleshoot problems with you printers and scanners

We can take care of the setup and maintenance of all your scanning and printing devices on your network from normal printing, label printing, scan to email, scan to folder and more, we have the best solutions for your business. With our on going support you will never be unable to print or scan again.