Keeping your IT infrastructure in optimum condition can result in less downtime and increased productivity.


It is critical that computer systems receive a health check once in a while to ensure that they are running to their top standard, a lot like how a car needs regular servicing a computer needs a health check.

All computers over time become clogged with unwanted software, security holes, registry problems and even viruses and spyware. These problems are what often cause computers to run slow, crash, not function correctly and even lead to a complete system re-build being required to fix a problem which may result in the loss of your important business data.

We will also test the health of your network infrastructure to ensure that you are prepared for future changes or problems before they occur. It guarantees that your IT/Computer network is in working order and operating as fast and reliable as possible.

Additionally our network health check confirms your network configuration, network performance, system security, data storage and scheduled backup routines.

Our free health check service will find any problems within your IT environment so that we can give you our expert advice on how best to get your network and equipment running at its highest performance level.

What's included

During your FREE Health Check we will

Provide a general consultation on your IT infrastructure and capability for future growth

Review any documentation relating to your current infrastructure

Review any network switches and fibre backbone

Review any network servers and pcs

Review all network security appliances and in-house data security policies

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