Business Level Email
Why upgrade?

Military grade encryption

With military grade encryption included with our hosted exchange service you can rest assured that your emails are safe from vulnerabilities.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage for each mailbox means you don’t have to worry about sorting through emails to make storage space or spending hours archiving data.

Access Anywhere

Access anywhere technology means you can access your email form wherever you are on any device with an internet connection. Whether it’s web based, app based or software such as outlook.


With shared calendars, contacts, tasks and public folders it’s easier than ever to collaborate with your staff and organise your work load across the board.

Cloud Back Ups

UK based cloud storage means your data is safe and close to home. With constant updates even if you lose or break your device you will be able to retrieve your data from the cloud.

Management & Support

We are here to make technology work for you so support is included at no extra cost so don't worry we will get your emails set up and working the way you want and make sure they stay that way.

But upgrading sounds like a pain
Not with Motech Solutions

Step 1. Migration

First off, we migrate all of your current email data to the could. Your data is now secure. It is not dependant on a single server that is at risk of malfunction, fire or other incidents. With our backup system you can rest assured your data is safe. We will do this over the weekend or at a time to suit you to allow for minimal email outages and make sure you are ready for Monday.

Step 2. Configuration

We know you want to get back online asap. So once the migration is complete we will set up your new mail configuration on all of your devices (PC, laptop, tablet, phones, mac, etc) so you can get back to work and start enjoying the benefits of your new hosted exchange emails.

Step 3. Relax

Your email data is now in safe hands. We will handle things from here, including adding additional mailboxes, aliases, distribution groups, calendar setup, permissions and general support and maintenance, giving you time to focus on the important things.

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