It's not about us.
It's about you.

Our approach is simple. Your success is our success.

Whether you’re a a Motech Solutions customer or a member of the team, it’s our job to make sure you’re achieving the best results – and if you’re succeeding, then so are we.

Putting you first

Our foremost goal is to help you achieve success using technology, whether you need full management of your IT or you want to complement your internal IT team. Since we were founded in 2007, we’ve learnt that whatever we do, unless the service we provide actually helps you run your business in a reliable, efficient and effective way, everything else is hot air.


Meet the owner

Michael has always had a passion for technology, even from as young as 10 years old when receiving his first PC and proceeding to take it apart and put it back together to see how it all works inside. This first interaction with technology would shape Michaels relationship with IT forever.

Eventually going to college in Birmingham to study PC repair and networking he funded his education by repairing machines which also satisfied his need to fix things and tinker with something whilst striving to learn more.

He eventually got a job at a repair centre where he spent hours a day taking PC’s, printers, laptops and even monitors apart and putting them back together adding to his vast wealth of hardware knowledge.

Overtime repairing IT equipment would not be as lucrative due to the cost in hardware dropping as it became easier to manufacture and cheaper for companies to simply replace hardware.

So when the repair centre closed Michael decided to try something new, landing a job with the NHS going from various sites looking after their IT. Due to the sensitive information held by the NHS they have very strong security protocols in place, this is something that resonated strongly with Michael and he would become very strongly security focused in the future in his own business practices.

After leaving the NHS and helping a friend to start up his own IT business with working on the field and helpdesk Michael saw potential out there to put his own skills and core values into practice and so in 2007 he started Motech Solutions.

What started as a single computer home office and a few customers would eventually grow into an office and workshop with multiple servers and computers and over 50+ clients in the west midlands.

True to his passion Michael is still always researching the latest tech, software, management systems even out of hours he can be found in the workshop building monitoring devices or working on other side projects.

Over a decade later and the business continues to grow and evolve with the ever changing nature of IT.

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