Who are we?

Motech Solutions offer a professional, cost effective IT service handled by our highly experienced and friendly customer support team. Our area of expertise within the IT industry is vast, from single user home offices to larger companies with multiple offices that require 24/7 monitoring, email and web hosting, web design and more we have the best solutions for your business.

We believe in great customer service here at Motech Solutions, so when you become one of our customers we look after you from the get go. Some problems for the less IT savvy may seem daunting and time consuming but often times we can solve them in no time at all. In this situation we don’t charge you for the little things so you can get back to work faster and feel more comfortable calling us if there’s a problem in future. We can even offer our expert advice on preventitive measures to stop the ‘little things’ from happening again.

We use a remote support client here at our office so we can connect to your machine within minutes of receiving your problem so you don’t even need to wait for a technician to get to site. Around 95% of problems we encounter are fixed this way but on the odd occasion that this isn’t the case we will get someone out to you within the hour to handle the problem.

Our mission is to keep your IT systems running smoothly whilst keeping them up to date and maintaining the highest level of security possible.

IT systems are there to make your business run smoother and make life easier, not to create further problems and hinder your work effort. Motech Solutions will ensure that you are getting the most from your IT systems and keep them running at optimum efficiency without all of the disruptions.

What we do


24/7 System Monitoring

We will ensure that your IT systems are running to their optimum efficiency by keeping everything up to date, monitoring for patches and security fixes by using our monitoring software and scanning for any threats to your system without causing any disruption or down time to your systems.

We also offer support and monitoring for laptops, tablet and mobiles that are not kept on site and used by members of your team that work on the field. Another added benefit of this is that we can track the devices and preform a remote wipe in the event that a device is lost or stolen.


Web Design, Hosting & Support

We can handle all aspects of your web build from domain name, to design, to hosting and ongoing support after the initial build. Not only do we do designs from scratch but we also do redesigns for older website that are out dated.

Sites these days need to be responsive meaning that they resize for mobile and tablet devices, this wasn’t the case a few years ago but now with these devices being more prominent in our lives it is an essential aspect for a successful website. We also offer an SEO package to help you with that all essential google ranking.


IT Support

We provide expert, quick response IT support for all areas of your business. We support entire networks including work stations, laptops, servers, printers, tablets, mobiles, routers, switches and even smaller peripherals and components such as cables and keyboards.

We also offer our support with software, Microsoft office, Sage ACT and Accounts, VPN set up, anti-virus configuration. Whether you need help with set up, configuration or just a little advice on how to use the product were there for you.

We also offer support for more specialist installations and configuration such as CCTV set up. Contact us to see if we can help with your specialist requirements.


Web Design & Web Hosting

Our hosted exchange email set up allows you to have your email setup and synced on multiple devices meaning that you can send and receive emails from the office, at home or on the go from your mobile or tablet device.

One of the major benefits of this set up is that your emails are constantly backed up to the cloud, if your machine dies or you lose your phone there is no threat of losing important emails as they can be easily downloaded and re added to a new device.

There is also the added advantage of not needing your own local exchange server saving you the cost of hardware, installation and regular maintenance. Call us today to see how you can benefit from hosted exchange.