Simple, Powerful, All-In-One Network Security Solution

The Untangle network security solution provides protection and policy enforcement while maximizing user productivity and satisfaction. Your network faces external threats such as attacks, viruses, phishing and spam. It also faces internal threats from bandwidth- and productivity- draining apps, inappropriate websites, and more. To complicate matters, certain network policies might apply to one group (e.g. marketing team) and not another (e.g. finance team).

The legacy approach to firewalls—blocking suspect ports—simply doesn’t work with today’s applications because both beneficial and malicious apps use port-hopping strategies to deliver high Quality of Service (QoS). Throw in remote and mobile users connecting over insecure and public access points, and you have security challenges that require a Next Generation Firewall like Untangle’s.

Untangle’s NG Firewall enables you to quickly and easily create the network policies that deliver the perfect balance between security and productivity. Untangle combines Unified Threat Management (UTM)—to address all of the key network threats—with policy management tools that enable you to define access and control by individuals, groups or company-wide. And with industry-leading reports, you’ll have complete visibility into and control over everything that’s happening on your network.

New in Version 12

Untangle NG Firewall v12 brings new features and functionality to the platform.

Untangle UTM Screenshot360° Dashboard

The dashboard is a new way to look at the data available in the Reports app, as well as acting as a single pane of glass providing security alerts and insight into system performance. Some of the pre-configured widgets available in the dashboard include:

  • System and hardware information
  • Network interfaces
  • CPU load, memory resources, server resources
  • Hosts & devices
  • Sessions
  • Alert events
  • Web Filter usage
  • Bandwidth Control top hostnames

Administrators can add to or replace these widgets with custom widgets they can create using any of the data available in Reports.

Untangle Version 12 also brings a fresh look to the administrative interface which is now simpler, cleaner, faster and more responsive on mobile devices. This enables busy IT administrators to keep tabs on their network anytime, anywhere directly from their smartphones. There are now four global tabs available in the administrative interface: Dashboard, Apps, Config, and Reports. These tabs provide quick, easy access to all reporting and management features.

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