This is where we assess and record your businesses entire IT estate to help understand the organisation. This information can be utilised to identify commercial or technical risk and investigate ways in which systems could be optimised, through streamlining, restructuring and reassigning internal resources to different responsibilities.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage software licences on networks, half the battle is knowing what packages are installed on your network.

Motech Solutions offer a service to audit your systems so that you have a clear understanding of where you are.

These audits can also be combined with a network health check to give you a snap shot of how your network is configured and to give you some indications on what you can do to improve the performance or stability of the network.

The main benefits of an audit are:
  • Understanding your IT estate
  • Information to make informed IT decisions
  • Information to make recommendations on how to improve systems and make them more efficient
  • Highlight areas of potential risk in terms of server hardware and its resiliency, backup routines for data, network Security and recovery times for different systems if there was an incident
  • Highlight potential licensing issues