How can Using Motech Hosted Exchange help your business

Motech Hosted Exchange or Cloud Email allows your business to fully utilize the functionality of a Microsoft Exchange environment without the worry of administration, hardware or upgrading costs.

Our Hosted Exchange platform give you a fully scalable cloud email solution for a very low monthly cost.You only pay for what you need, and there’s no long-term contract.
That’s true cloud computing working for you

Features & Benefits

  • 250GB per mailbox – Each mailbox user has access to a massive 250GB of online messaging space, more than enough for many years of email storage
  • Up to 10 aliases per mailbox – Each mailbox can have an additional 10 aliases attached at no extra cost
  • Shared Calendars and Contacts – Collaborate with everyone by using shared calendars and contact lists, together with quick access to the company address book to easily find colleague’s email addresses, and facilities to create meetings at times that best suit all attendees etc.
  • Public folders – Share emails, documents, calendars and contact lists. A great place for providing access to company-wide policy documents
  • Mobile ‘push’ technology – Works extremely well with all smart-phones, in particular iPhone, Windows Phone 7 and Android
  • Geographically diverse networks – Distributed across multiple data centres, so if one goes offline you’re always backed-up
  • Delegate Access – For example, a senior manager may require a secretary to view his or her mailbox, and send on behalf of the manager
  • Migration service – Moving your files to Hosted Exchange is quick and simple
  • Management control – Add, remove and edit users as you go

Why the Cloud?

  • Reduced costs – No initial expense
  • Flexibility and scalability – Only pay for what you use
  • Mobility and agility – Empowers people to work from a variety of locations through a variety of devices
  • Easier upgrades – Can be done automatically via the Cloud
  • Business continuity – Even if there is a fire, flood, theft or technology outage, your business can function as normal


  • Month-by-month billing – We bill monthly for Hosted Exchange in arrears and not up-front
  • No long-term contract – We don’t tie you into a long-term contract
  • Technical support – We’re on hand to give you all the help you need

Outlook & Outlook Web Access

Your gateway to Hosted Exchange

You can access Motech Solutions’s Hosted Exchange through Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Web Access (OWA) or mobile device and get real-time, fully synced email wherever they are.

  • Use your existing Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010
  • Synced mail, calendars, contacts and folders
  • OWA 2016 is available from any web browser
  • Optional Outlook 2016 licences available

Smart Phones

Full ActiveSync smartphone integration

Motech Solutions’s Hosted Exchange allows you to deploy full collaboration services to your companies mobile phones, including full mail, calendar and contact synchronisation using Microsoft’s built in ActiveSync service.

  • Email and folders synced with your PCs
  • Synced calendar, contacts and tasks
  • Instant push email to your mobile devices
Our Hosted Microsoft Exchange mailbox service works with most mobile operating systems including:
      • iPhone (IOS)
      • iPad (IOS)
      • Google Android
      • Windows Phone (Win 8.1 & Win 10)

There are no additional charges for your clients to access their Exchange email using one of the smartphones above.

Access Your Email Anywhere

Because Motech Hosted Exchange is cloud-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, either using Outlook on your client’s desktop, browser or mobile device.

Protect Your Network

Every Motech Hosted Exchange mailbox is protected by our advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus email security system.

Shared Calendars & Contacts

When your clients use Motech Hosted Exchange, they get to collaborate more easily with other colleagues by sharing calendars, contacts and tasks.

Quick and Easy Implementation

Getting your email up and running using Motech hosted Exchange is easy. Our technical support team can have your email up and running within minutes.