Why choose Motech Solutions as your IT Support Company?

Optional contract

Some smaller businesses are put off by getting IT support due to the idea of paying for a monthly contract when most of the time there are not really that many problems to justify the cost, but then when something big happens what do you do?

Motechsolutions has the answer, having a contract is optional which means you only pay if you actually have an issue and we don’t charge for the little things like some of the larger companies, we believe in keeping our customers satisfied.



At Motechsolutions we don’t just specialize in one area of IT like laptop repair, our services are vast and cover areas of the industry most other IT companies don’t ranging from SEO to networking, from web design to hosted mail, from pc repair to hardware supplies and more. So no matter your issue we have the solution for you.


The best solutions for you

We will recommend what solution is best for your business and not what’s best for our profit margin whereas most companies will push for the later. We will always work with you and explain in detail the choices and how each will benefit your business.

This is often the case when companies are choosing between hosted mail exchange or on site storage via a sever.


We are here to help you

Unlike most local IT companies we don’t clock out at 5 o’clock and switch off our phones, we understand just how important your IT infrastructure is to your business so there will always be someone there to help and in those emergency situations you can rest assured we will be there to get things up and running again.


Friendly and qualified staff

With a combined experience of 35 years all of our staff members are fully qualified and are quick to keep up with an ever changing industry.

IT is not just work for us, it is a passion and we are constantly reading up on the latest news in in the industry keeping you informed of any changes that may benefit you or your business whilst warning of the latest scams and viruses.

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