Customer Website Upgrade & Redesign

Are you thinking of updating your old website build? Well look no further, at Motech Solutions we will fully upgrade and modernise your old website adding all the latest features to ensure you are keeping up with the competition.

Below is an example of a recent Website upgrade of ours, keep reading to see a breakdown of all the features.

Old home page

As you can see the design was very outdated almost like a 90s style website with a very unattractive colour scheme and poorly spaced out text not making it very appealing to read.

The site was pretty much just one page with a list of pictures below and no text as you can see here. The site wasn’t responsive either, making it difficult or impossible to view on mobile/tablet devices which in our day and age is a big no no as most people will use their mobiles devices rather than a PC.


So our first line of thought with this site was that it needed a new modernised look so one of the first things we noticed was that the site had no real logo, so using the colour scheme of the store and the nature of business we came up with a new logo that could be used. (The logo design/redesign is a free optional feature we give to all our clients with the option to make changes if they please but is a feature that has been positively received by clients).

New Logo Design

Next we got to work on the home page, firstly we changed the landing page to a static image of a young girl happily enjoying and Ice Cream. This single images speaks more than a lot of crowded text, it shows instantly that the site is about Ice Cream, but more than that it’s about having fun and it just has that nice family friendly feel even the weather in the background is nice which just makes you think of having a good time and instantly invites the visitor to continue looking. Above the picture is the site name and some brief text with a little information about the site. It’s nice and appealing and it’s straight to the point.

New Home Page


Next we took the text from the old site that was all jumbled up with no rhyme or reason and found what we believed to be 4 key aspects of the business and highlighted them by putting them into easy to read sections with nice little icons above them, drawing the eye with just enough bite size text to not scare of a viewer with too much reading.


Below this section we used images of some of the deserts they had created and posted to Facebook to create a little gallery to show the viewer what they can expect to find in store. Each of these can link back to a page with a little description of the product if the customer chooses.



Finally is the latest news area which is effectively the blog are which will display the latest 4 blogs so people can keep up to date with what’s going on in store, this handy feature also links to any social media that is desired such as Facebook and Twitter encouraging people to visit this site while they are checking their account, this is also a good way to manage posts to all social media from one central location which also helps SEO rating.


For the home page that was all we wanted to have there, a nice eye catching image and a small piece of informative text, some nice icons with text highlighting important aspects of the shop a little of whats in store and the latest news. Not too much to take in and all spaced out nicely. So with that in mind we decided to flesh out the site a little bit by moving all of the info I had that was on the home page into a little about us page.


New About Us Page


Here is the same text from the old home page with a few additions we received from the customer and the logo of a local business partner. See how the text has been spaced out into nice easy to read sections with important updates and offers highlighted to catch the eye making it more eye pleasing and easy to read.

In addition to the adding a new About Us page I also added a Contact Us page with a contact from where customers can send their questions directly or look up the address using the built in google map.


New Contact Us Page

Built in google map displaying store location to make it easy to find for customers.


There is also a blog page and a page where the user will upload new products from time to time but these are still pretty bare as the site is still in it’s infancy so they’ve not been included for the moment.

If you’re looking for a website upgrade or a complete build or would like to know more about the our technical and security approach to website builds contact us today.

Website builds and updates include:

  • Free logo design / redesign.
  • Google Maps integration.
  • Fully responsive / mobile friendly design ( works on and resizes to any screen regardless of device mobile, tablet, laptop, widescreen etc).
  • Pop3 business email account ([email protected], [email protected] etc) with the option to upgrade to hosted exchange.
  • Unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied with the site.
  • 1+ years free website hosting and maintenance included.
  • Social media integration with your facebook, twitter, google business account which will also help SEO.

We are also aware that different sites have very different target audiences and sizes, for this reason there are various different packages we offer our customers to aim more towards your area of business contact us today to find out more on how your business can benefit from a new website or website upgrade.

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