Microsoft has unveiled its vision of a new Windows 10 Start Menu that utilizes a transparent background to showcase the new Fluent-based colorful icons. In the latest “#WindowsInsider Webcast“, Microsoft shared slides illustrating the changes they are exploring to the Windows 10 Start Menu. These changes include the new Windows 10 Fluent-based system icons that have begun to roll out to Windows users and a transparent background for the Start Menu program tiles to help the icons stand out. Currently, the Windows 10 Start Menu tiles include icons with a colored background as shown below in the dark and light themes. Current Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles
Current Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles
With the new vision of the Start Menu, Microsoft is exploring the idea of using a transparent background and the new Fluent-based icons to “visually unify the start menu from somewhat chaotic color to something that is more uniform.” New Vision of the Windows 10 Start Menu
ew Vision of the Windows 10 Start Menu
It has also been widely reported this week that the Windows 10 Live Tiles are being removed from the Start Menu. During the webcast, Senior Program Manager for the Windows Insider Team Brandon Leblanc stated that this is not true. “Live tiles aren’t going anywhere right now. It’s about blending the new icons better with how they look on Start today. That’s what we’re discussing now,” Brandon Leblanc stated. For those who use Live Tiles, you will be able to continue doing so in the future.